View the properties of DOM objects

Sofia Emelianova
Sofia Emelianova

Use the Elements > Properties pane to browse and filter properties of DOM objects.

Open the Properties pane

To open the Properties pane, follow these steps:

  1. Open DevTools. By default, the Elements panel opens.
  2. In the DOM tree, select a node.
  3. Open the Properties tab. If you can't see the tab, click More More, then select it from the drop-down menu.

Elements panel open to Properties tab

Spot own properties

The Properties pane sorts and displays the object's own properties first and in bold font.


Find the origin of an inherited property

The Properties pane evaluates accessors on built-in elements and displays them on the object as inherited and in regular font.

To find the origin of an inherited property, expand an object, then its [[Prototype]], then the nested [[Prototype]], and so on.

Tracing the size property up to its getter on the prototype chain.

In this example, you can trace where the inherited size property came from by locating the original own (bold) property on the prototype chain together with the corresponding getter.

Additionally, prototype-specific properties are shown only on prototypes, not on objects. This makes it easier to diagnose objects.

Prototype-specific properties.

Filter properties

To quickly find a property, start typing its name or value in the Filter textbox.


Show all properties

By default, the Properties pane doesn't show properties with null and undefined values.

To see all properties, check Show all.

Properties with null values.

Understand properties

The Elements > Properties pane shows a variety of properties.

Simple properties

Simple properties are pairs of <name>: <value>. Simple properties.

Objects and arrays

Collapsible (Arrow right.) properties are objects {} or arrays []. Collapsible properties.

For more information on inspecting JavaScript objects, see Inspect object properties.

Properties that correspond to DOM nodes

Properties that correspond to DOM nodes are links. Click on a link to select the relevant node in the DOM tree. Link to the head DOM node.

Own and inherited properties

Properties in bold font are object's own. They are defined directly on the object.

Properties in regular font are inherited from the prototype chain. To show them to you, DevTools evaluates relevant accessors on built-in HTML elements. Own and inherited properties. DevTools sorts own properties first to make them easier to spot.

Enumerable and non-enumerable properties

Enumerable properties are bright in color. Non-enumerable properties are muted. Enumerable and non-enumerable properties. You can iterate over the enumerable properties with the for … in loop or Object.keys() method.


Methods are marked with an f (). Method.

For more information on functions, see Inspect functions via the Console.