View frame details

Sofia Emelianova
Sofia Emelianova

Frames let you divide web pages into multiple views that can load independently.

The Application > Frames section lists the top frame (Frame.), its nested frames and iframes (IFrame.), and other loaded resources in a tree:

The Frames section.

Frame details

To see the details of a frame, select it in the Frames section.

The details include the following sections:

  • Document. Lists URL, origin, and owner element.

The Document section.

The Security & Isolation section.

The Content Security Policy (CSP) section.

The API availability section.

  • Origin Trials. Lists details about access to new or experimental features you have registered on your origin. Expand (Expand.) to see more details about the feature and access token status. For more information, see Get started with origin trials.

The Origin Trials section.

  • Permissions Policy. Lists allowed and disabled features. To see why some features are turned off, click Show details at the bottom of the section.

The Permissions Policy section.