Manifest - Trial tokens

An array of trial tokens to enable Origin Trial and Deprecation Trial features in extension contexts. You can browse and register for active trials on the active trials page.

To participate in multiple trials simultaneously, include each token as a separate array entry.

"trial_tokens": ["AnlT7gRo/750gGKtoI/A3D2rL5yAQA9wISlLqHGE6vJQinPfk0HiIij5LhWs+iuB7mTeotXmEXkvdpOAC1YjAgAAAG97Im9yaWdpbiI6ImNocm9tZS1leHRlbnNpb246Ly9sampoamFha21uY2lib25uanBhb2dsYmhjamVvbGhrayIsImZlYXR1cmUiOiJJQ2Fubm90QmVsaWV2ZVlvdVdhc3RlZFlvdXJUaW1lRGVjb2RpbmdUaGlzIiwiZXhwaXJ5Ijo1NzI1NDA3OTk5fQ=="]

Learn more about how to register and use tokens in your extension in the official guide.