Step 7: Publish Your App

In this step, you will learn:

  • How to publish a Chrome App to the Chrome Web Store.

Estimated time to complete this step: 10 minutes.
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Learn about Chrome Web Store benefits

For those not familiar with the store, it provides several benefits to users and developers.

For users:

  • Added security—all apps and extensions are checked for Malware signals.
  • All apps are maintained with the latest version the developer has published.
  • Ratings and reviews provide a great way to see the quality of applications.

For developers:

  • You can upload your app once and know that it will be distributed to all users.
  • Payments and subscriptions are built in.
  • Your app is more discoverable to users.
  • Tools to help you manage bugs and reviews from users.

Upload your app via the Developer Dashboard

The Chrome Web Store has a special dashboard for developers that lets you upload new applications and update existing ones.

The process of uploading apps is simple:

  1. Compress your application's root directory (the folder containing the manifest.json file) into a .zip file.
  2. Go to the Chrome Web Store Developer Dashboard and log in with a developer-verified Google Account. (If you don't have a verified account, you can sign up for a nominal fee.)
  3. Click Add new item.
  4. Accept the terms and services agreement to continue.
  5. Use the choose file dialog box to find the .zip file in your system. Select that file to upload.

Choose a zip to upload

You are nearly done. If you are not quite ready for the next step, you can save the draft for later, or you can publish it to a group of testers.

Save a draft

Add promotional materials

Before you can publicly publish your app, you need to add promotional assets and extra meta information about your application.You should see a screen that looks like this:

Add meta information for your app

The below fields are mandatory:

  • A detailed description of your application. Write your description to entice users to download your app.
  • A 128x128 icon to display in the store. You may re-use your app icon here.
  • At least one 1280x800 or 640x400 screenshot or YouTube video to show off what your app does.
  • A 440x280 small tile icon that will be displayed on the Chrome Web Store wall.
  • The primary category where your app should be listed.
  • Your app's language to help users find it.

Once you are happy with everything, you can now publish your application to the public.

Publish your changes

View your app in the Chrome Web Store

You are done Step 7! You should have a link to your public Chrome App that you can share with the world.

The Todo app in the Chrome Web Store

Congratulations on completing this Chrome Apps codelab!