Fill out the privacy fields

The Privacy practices tab for an extension lets you state what the extension is for and list/justify its permissions. Providing accurate information in these fields helps us review your extension as quickly as possible.

State the extension's purpose

The Extension Quality Guidelines state that an extension must have a single purpose that is narrow and easy to understand. Make sure that this field clearly communicates this purpose for your extension.

Single purpose description Fill out this field to help the reviewers understand the focus of your extension.

Screenshot of the 'single purpose' privacy field

List and justify any permissions

Your extension should request the minimum permissions consistent with the purpose of the extension. Requesting broader permissions than necessary may cause your extension to be rejected.

Permissions justification This section contains a list of permissions that your extension uses (as declared in your manifest), with a field for you to state the justification for each permission. Fill out these fields to tell the reviewers why your extension needs to use each permission. If there are permissions listed here that you don't require, remove them from your manifest and upload a new version of your extension before continuing.

Screenshot of the permissions list privacy field set

Declare any remote code

Your extension should avoid using remote code except where absolutely necessary. Extensions that use remote code will need extra scrutiny, resulting in longer review times. Extensions that call remote code and do not declare and justify it using the field shown above will be rejected.

Remote Code Use this field to tell reviewers whether your extension executes remote code and, if so, why this is necessary. If your extension doesn't need to execute remote code, make sure that it does not and select "No, I am not using remote code."

Screenshot of the remote code declarations field of the privacy field set

Certify your data use practices

You must disclose how your extension collects and uses user data. These disclosures include:

  • The nature of the data that the extensions collects from users
  • Your certification that the extension complies with the policy on limited use

Data usage Use this field to disclose and certify your data collection practices. Use the first group of checkboxes to disclose which types of data your extension collects. Use the second group of checkboxes to certify that you comply with each of the disclosure statements.

Screenshot of data use certification fields

Set a privacy policy

Add a link to the privacy policy for your extension. The policy should include how data is collected, used, and disclosed. See the User Data FAQ for details.

Screenshot of the privacy policy box

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