Submit a feature request

If you identify a feature that you believe could improve the extension platform, file a request as described below.

  1. Before submitting a feature request, search the Chromium issue tracker to verify that your feature has not already been proposed.
  2. File an issue in the issue tracker. Be as explicit as possible when filling out a feature request.

    • Choose a descriptive title.
    • Explain exactly what feature you would like.
    • Explain how you plan to use it.

    The better we understand your use case and your needs, the easier it will be to meet them.

  3. Wait for the bug to be updated. Most requests are triaged within a week, although it can sometimes take longer. Please do not reply to the ticket requesting an update. If your ticket has not been modified after two weeks, please post a message to the Google group with a link to your request.

  4. If you originally posted your request in the discussion group and were directed here, post a link to the issue you created or found in the discussion group thread. This makes it easier for others with the same request to find the correct ticket.