Content Ratings Guidelines

Content ratings help users determine whether your extension and its content are mature in nature. Ratings are not intended to reflect the quality or complexity of your extension.

As the developer, you are ultimately responsible for rating your extension appropriately. Use the following rules as guidance in determining whether your extension should be rated "Mature." When determining your extension's rating, consider all the content in your extension, including user generated content and ads, and content that your extension links to.

Sexual and suggestive content

Extensions that focus on sexual content or sexually suggestive content should be rated "Mature." For example, an extension that is a collection of images of men or women in lingerie posing suggestively should be rated "Mature." Note that pornography and sexually explicit content are not allowed in the Chrome Web Store.

As you consider how to rate your extension, here is more guidance on extensions that we would consider to be sexually explicit, mature, and not mature.

Not mature Mature Sexually explicit (not allowed)
  • Images of people kissing and hugging
  • Dating extension that is not focused on sexual relations
  • Extension to help a woman choose the right bra size
  • Close-up images of people wearing thongs
  • Extensions with sexual themes like adult "Truth or Dare" extensions
  • Sex position extension with no porn, but has detailed descriptions
  • Extensions containing images or videos with nudity or sex acts
  • Extensions that contain prominent links to porn sites

Strong language

Extensions that contain explicit or frequent use of profanity should be rated "Mature."


Graphic cartoon or fantasy violence should be rated "Mature." For example, games that depict graphic violence like decapitations or close-ups of wounds should be rated "Mature." Gratuitous real violence is not allowed in the Chrome Web Store.

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Extensions that focus on the consumption or sale of drugs, alcohol or tobacco should be rated "Mature." For example, a game where the main character is a drug dealer should be rated "Mature." Illegal activity or alcohol, tobacco, or drug content that is targeted at minors is not allowed in the Chrome Web Store.