Web app manifest does not meet the installability requirements

Installability is a core requirement of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). By prompting users to install your PWA, you allow them to add it to their home screens. Users who add apps to home screens engage with those apps more frequently.

A web app manifest includes key pieces of information required to make your app installable.

How the Lighthouse web app manifest audit fails

Lighthouse flags pages that don't have a web app manifest that meets minimum requirements for installability:

Lighthouse audit showing user can't install the web app from their home screen

If a page's manifest doesn't include the following properties, it will fail the audit:

How to make your PWA installable

Make sure your app has a manifest that meets the criteria above. See Make it installable for more information about creating a PWA.

How to check that your PWA is installable

In Chrome

When your app meets the minimum requirements for installability, Chrome fires a beforeinstallprompt event that you can use to prompt the user to install your PWA.

In other browsers

Other browsers have different criteria for installation and for triggering the beforeinstallprompt event. Check their respective sites for full details: