What's New In DevTools (Chrome 96)

Preview feature: New CSS Overview panel

Use the new CSS Overview panel to identify potential CSS improvements on your page. Open the CSS Overview panel, then click on Capture overview to generate a report of your page’s CSS.

You can further drill down on the information. For example, click on a color in the Colors section to view the list of elements that apply the same color. Click on an element to open the element in the Elements panel.

The CSS Overview panel is a preview feature. Our team is still actively working on it and we are looking for your feedback for further enhancements.

Read this article to learn more about the CSS Overview panel.

CSS Overview panel

Chromium issue: 1254557

Restored and improved CSS length edit and copy experience

The copy CSS and edit as text experience are restored for CSS properties with length. These experiences are broken in the last release.

In addition, you can drag to adjust the unit value and update the unit type via the dropdown. This add-on length authoring feature should not impact the primary edit as text experience.

Please report via goo.gle/length-feedback if you found any issues.

You can disable it via the Settings > Experiments > Enable CSS length authoring tools in the Styles pane checkbox.

Chromium issues: 1259088, 1172993

Rendering tab updates

Emulate the CSS prefers-contrast media feature

Emulate the CSS prefers-contrast media feature

The prefers-contrast media feature is used to detect if the user has requested more or less contrast in the page.

Open the Command Menu, run the Show Rendering command, and then set the Emulate CSS media feature prefers-contrast dropdown.

Chromium issue: 1139777

Emulate the Chrome’s Auto Dark Theme feature

Use DevTools to emulate auto dark theme to easily see how your page looks when Chrome’s Auto Dark Theme is enabled.

Chrome 96 introduces an Origin Trial for Auto Dark Theme on Android. With this feature, the browser applies an automatically generated dark theme to light themed sites, when the user has opted into dark themes in the Operating System.

Open the Command Menu, run the Show Rendering command, and then set the Emulate auto dark mode dropdown.

Emulate the Chrome’s Auto Dark Theme feature

Chromium issue: 1243309

Copy declarations as JavaScript in the Styles pane

Two new options are added in the context menu for you to easily copy CSS rules as JavaScript properties. These shortcuts options are handy especially for developers who are working with CSS-in-JS libraries.

In the Styles pane, right click on a CSS rule. You can select Copy declaration as JS to copy a single rule or Copy all declarations as JS to copy all rules.

For instance, the example below will copy paddingLeft: '1.5rem' to the clipboard.

Copy declaration as JavaScript

Chromium issue: 1253635

New Payload tab in the Network panel

Use the new Payload tab in the Network panel when you inspect a network request with payload. Previously, the payload information is available under the Headers tab.

Payload tab in the Network panel

Chromium issue: 1214030

Improved the display of properties in the Properties pane

The Properties pane now shows only relevant properties instead of showing all properties of the instance. DOM prototypes and methods are now removed.

Together with the Properties pane enhancements in Chrome 95, you can now locate the relevant properties easier.

The display of properties in the Properties pane

Chromium issue: 1226262

Console updates

Option to hide CORS errors in the Console

You can hide CORS errors in the Console. As the CORS errors are now reported in the Issues tab, hiding CORS errors in the Console can help reduce the clutters.

In the Console, click on the Settings icon and uncheck the Show CORS errors in console checkbox.

Option to hide CORS errors in the Console

Chromium issue: 1251176

Proper Intl objects preview and evaluation in the Console

The Intl objects have proper preview now and are evaluated eagerly in the Console. Previously, the Intl objects were not evaluated eagerly.

Intl objects in the Console

Chromium issue: 1073804

Consistent async stack traces

The Console now reports async stack traces for async functions to be consistent with other async tasks, and consistent with what's shown in the Call Stack..

async stack traces

Chromium issue: 1254259

Retain the Console sidebar

The Console sidebar is here to stay. In Chrome 94, we announced the upcoming deprecation of the Console sidebar and ask developers for feedback and concerns.

We have now got enough feedback from the deprecation notice and we will work on improving the sidebar rather than removing it.

Console sidebar

Chromium issues: 1232937, 1255586

Deprecated Application cache pane in the Application panel

The Application cache pane in the Application panel is now removed as the support for AppCache is removed from Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers.

Chromium issue: 1084190

[Experimental] New Reporting API pane in the Application panel

The Reporting API is designed to help you monitor security violations of your page, deprecated API calls, and more.

With this experiment enabled, you can now view the reports status in the new Reporting API pane in the Application panel.

Please note that the Endpoints section is currently still under active development (showing no reporting endpoints for now).

Learn more about the Reporting API with this article.

Reporting API pane in the Application panel

Chromium issue: 1205856

Download the preview channels

Consider using the Chrome Canary, Dev or Beta as your default development browser. These preview channels give you access to the latest DevTools features, test cutting-edge web platform APIs, and find issues on your site before your users do!

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