What's New In DevTools (Chrome 107)

Customize keyboard shortcuts in DevTools

You can now customize keyboard shortcuts for your favorite commands in DevTools.

Go to Settings > Shortcuts, hover over a command and click the Edit button (pen icon) to customize the keyboard shortcut. You can create chords (a.k.a multi-key press shortcuts) as well.

Customize keyboard shortcuts in DevTools.

Chromium issues: 1335274, 174309

Toggle light and dark themes with keyboard shortcut

Configure a keyboard shortcut to toggle light and dark themes conveniently. By default, the action doesn’t map to any keyboard shortcut.

Toggle light and dark themes with keyboard shortcut.

Chromium issues: 1280398, 1226363

Highlight C/C++ objects in the Memory Inspector

The Memory Inspector highlights all the bytes of a C/C++ memory object.

Recognizing an object’s bytes among the surrounding WebAssembly memory was a pain point. You have to know the object’s size and count bytes from the object’s start.

With this feature, it helps you tell them apart from the surrounding memory. See Extending the Memory Inspector for C/C++ debugging to learn more about the changes.

Highlight C/C++ objects in the Memory Inspector.

Chromium issue: 1336568

Support full initiator information for HAR import

Full Initiator information is available now for HAR import. Previously, the Network panel only shows partial initiator information during import.

The initiator information helps developers to trace the origin of a network request and identify network-related issues.

Support full initiator information for HAR import.

Chromium issue: 1343185

Start DOM search after pressing Enter

You can now disable the Search as you type setting to always start DOM search after pressing Enter.

In the Elements panel, toggle the search bar with Control or Command + F. As you type a query in the search textbox, the DOM tree will jump to the first matching element and highlight it by default.

For users, especially testers who always work with lengthy search queries, this behavior is not ideal. The DOM tree might jump multiple times as you type in a lengthy search query (e.g. //div[@id="example"]). This behavior creates unnecessary motion.

DOM search.

Go to Settings > Preferences, disable Search as you type. With this change, the search will start only after you press Enter.

Search as you type setting.

Chromium issue: 1344526

Display start and end icons for align-content CSS flexbox properties

In the Styles pane, edit the align-content properties in a CSS class with display: flex or display: inline-flex. The start and end show in the auto-complete dropdown with icons.

align-content flexbox properties.

Chromium issue: 1139945

Miscellaneous highlights

  • Display correct message counts in the Console sidebar. Previously, the counts didn't refresh when clearing console messages. (1343311)

Download the preview channels

Consider using the Chrome Canary, Dev or Beta as your default development browser. These preview channels give you access to the latest DevTools features, test cutting-edge web platform APIs, and find issues on your site before your users do!

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