What's New In DevTools (Chrome 105)

Step-by-step replay in the Recorder

You can now set a breakpoint and replay a user flow step by step in the Recorder panel.

To set a breakpoint, click on the blue dot next to a step. Replay your user flow, the replay will pause before executing the step. From here, you can continue the replay, execute a step, or cancel the replay.

With this feature, you can fully visualize and debug your user flow with ease.

See Recorder features reference for more information.

Step-by-step replay in the Recorder

Chromium issue: 1257499

Support mouse over event in the Recorder panel

The Recorder now supports adding a mouse over (hover) step manually in a recording.

This demo shows a pop up menu on hover. Try to record a user flow and click a menu item.

If you replay the user flow now, it will fail because the Recorder doesn’t capture mouse over events automatically during recording. To resolve this, add a step manually to hover over the selector before clicking the menu item.

Support mouse over event in the Recorder

Chromium issue: 1257499

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) in the Performance insights panel

LCP is an important, user-centric metric for measuring perceived load speed. You can now find out the critical paths and root causes of a Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

In a performance recording, click on the LCP badge in the Timeline. In the Details pane, you can view the LCP score, learn how to fix resources that slow down the LCP and see the critical path for the LCP resource.

See Performance Insights to learn how to get actionable insights and improve your website’s performance with the panel.

LCP in the Performance insights panel

Chromium issue: 1326481

Identify flashes of text (FOIT, FOUT) as potential root causes for layout shifts

The Performance insights panel now detects flash of invisible text (FOIT) and flash of unstyled text (FOUT) as potential root causes for layout shifts.

To view the potential root causes of a layout shift, click on a screenshot in the Layout shifts track.

See Optimize WebFont loading and rendering to learn the technique to prevent layout shifts.

FOUT in the Performance insights panel

Chromium issues: 1334628, 1328873

Protocol handlers in the Manifest pane

You can now use DevTools to test the URL protocol handler registration for Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

The URL protocol handler registration lets installed PWAs handle links that use a specific protocol (e.g. magnet, web+example) for a more integrated experience.

Navigate to the Protocol Handlers section via the Application > Manifest pane. You can view and test all the available protocols here.

For example, install this demo PWA. In the Protocol Handlers section, type “americano” and click Test protocol to open the coffee page in the PWA.

Protocol handlers in the Manifest pane

Chromium issues: 1300613

Top layer badge in the Elements panel

Use the top layer badge to understand the concept of the top layer and visualize how the top layer content changes.

The <dialog> element has recently become stable across browsers. When you open a dialog, it is put into a top layer. Top level content renders on top of all the other content.

In this demo, click Open dialog.

To help visualize the top layer elements, DevTools adds a top layer container (#top-layer) to the DOM tree. It resides after the closing </html> tag.

To jump from the top layer container element to the top layer tree element, click the reveal button next to the element or its backdrop in the top layer container.

Next to the top layer tree element (for example, the dialog element), click the top-layer badge to jump to the top layer container.

Top layer badge in the Elements panel

Chromium issue: 1313690

Attach Wasm debugging information at runtime

You can now attach DWARF debugging information for wasm during runtime. Previously, the Sources panel only supported attaching source maps to JavaScript and Wasm files.

Open a Wasm file in the Sources panel. Right-click in the editor and select Add DWARF debugging info… to attach debugging information on demand.


Chromium issue: 1341255

Support live edit during debugging

You can now edit the top-most function on the stack without restarting the debugger.

In Chrome 104, DevTools brings back the restart frame feature. However, you weren't able to edit the function you are currently paused in. It is common for developers to break in a function and then edit that function while paused.

With this update, the debugger automatically restarts the function with the following restrictions:

  • Only the top-most function can be edited while paused
  • No recursive call on the same function further down the stack

live edit during debugging

Chromium issue: 1334484

View and edit @scope at rules in the Styles pane

You can now view and edit the CSS @scope at-rules in the Styles pane.

The @scope at rules is part of the CSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 6 specification. These rules allow developers to scope style rules in CSS.

Open this demo page and inspect the hyperlink within the <div class=”dark-theme”> element. In the Styles pane, view the @scope at-rules. Click the rule declaration to edit it.

@scope at rules in the Styles pane

Chromium issue: 1337777

Source map improvements

Here are a few fixes on source maps to improve the overall debugging experience:

  • DevTools now properly resolves source map identifiers with punctuation. Some modern minifiers (for example, esbuild) produce source maps that merge identifiers with subsequent punctuation (comma, parentheses, semicolon).
  • DevTools now resolves source map names for constructors with a super call. ALT_TEXT_HERE
  • Fixed source map URL indexing for duplicate canonical URLs. Previously, breakpoints were not activated in some files because of duplicate canonical URLs.

Chromium issue: 1335338, 1333411

Miscellaneous highlights

These are some noteworthy fixes in this release:

  • Properly remove a local storage key value pair from the table in the Application > Local Storage pane when it is deleted. (1339280)
  • The color previews are now correctly displayed when viewing CSS files in the Sources panel. Previously, their positions were misplaced. (1340062)
  • Consistently display the CSS flex and grid items in the Layout pane, as well as display them as badges in the Elements panel. Previously, the flex and grid items were randomly missing in both places. (1340441, 1273992)
  • A new Creator Ad Script link is available for ad frames if DevTools found the script that caused the frame to be labeled as an ad. You can open a frame via Application > Frames. (1217041)

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