Chrome User Experience Report - New country dimension

The Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) is a public dataset of real user performance data. Since we announced the report, one of the most requested additions has been the ability to better understand differences in user experience across locations. Based on this feedback, we are expanding the existing CrUX dataset––which provides a global view across all geographic regions––to also include a collection of separate country-specific datasets!

Map of countries included in the CrUX dataset
Map of countries included in the CrUX dataset

For example, in the screenshot above we see a query that compares the aggregate densities for 4G and 3G effective connection types across a few countries. What’s interesting is to see how prevalent 4G speeds are in Japan, while 3G speeds are still very common in India. Insights like these are made possible thanks to the new country dimension.

To get started, head over to the CrUX project on BigQuery and you’ll see a list of datasets organized by country code from country_ae (United Arab Emirates) to country_za (South Africa). The familiar all dataset is still there to capture the global aggregate performance data. Within each dataset there are monthly tables starting with the most recent report, 201712. For a detailed walkthrough on how to get started, please refer to our updated CrUX documentation.

We’re excited to share this new data with you and hope to see you use it in ways to improve the user experience on the web. To get help, ask questions, offer feedback, or share findings from your own analysis, join the discussion on the CrUX forum. And if the free tier on BigQuery isn’t enough to contain your querying enthusiasm, we’re still running a promotion to give you an extra 10 TB free, so go get your credits while supplies last!