Limited Use

  1. This policy establishes the Chrome Web Store's minimum user data privacy requirements; you or your Product must comply with applicable laws.

  2. You must limit your use of the data to the practices you disclosed.

  3. Collection and use of web browsing activity is prohibited, except to the extent required for a user-facing feature described prominently in the Product's Chrome Web Store page and in the Product's user interface.

  4. Upon accessing user data for a single purpose, your use of the user data obtained must comply with the below requirements. The requirements apply to both the raw data obtained and the data aggregated, anonymized, de-identified, or derived from the raw data. They also apply to scraped content or otherwise automatically gathered user data.

    1. Limit your use of user data to providing or improving your single purpose

    2. Only transfer user data to third parties

      1. If necessary to providing or improving your single purpose;

      2. to comply with applicable laws;

      3. to protect against malware, spam, phishing, or other fraud or abuse; or,

      4. as part of a merger, acquisition or sale of assets of the developer after obtaining explicit prior consent from the user.

    3. Do not allow humans to read user data, unless:

      1. the user's explicit consent to read specific data (for example, helping a user re-access the product or a service after having lost their password) is obtained;

      2. The data is aggregated and anonymized and used for internal operations in accordance with applicable privacy and other jurisdictional legal requirements;

      3. It's necessary for security purposes (e.g., investigating abuse); or,

      4. To comply with applicable laws.

    4. All other transfers, uses, or sale of user data is completely prohibited, including:

      1. Transferring, using, or selling data for personalized advertisements.

      2. Transferring or selling user data to third parties like advertising platforms, data brokers, or other information resellers.

      3. Transferring, using, or selling user data to determine credit-worthiness or for lending purposes.

  5. An affirmative statement that your use of the data complies with the Limited Use restrictions must be disclosed on a website belonging to your extension; e.g., a link on a homepage to a dedicated page or privacy policy noting: "The use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Chrome Web Store User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements."